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Computer Tuning - Top Performance

Top Performance

Your Computer is going over time slower and slower? Starting your computer needs very long? Here you found tips to give your Computer new life and to improve your Performance top!

Take a few hours and work this tutorial out, because also your system needs care!

1. Are you infected?

Are you infected? Are you infected with a virus or Spyware? These pests can also make your Computer slow. Scan with your Anti Virus and Anti Spyware program and if you find something, or when your sure you have a virus, follow the steps in "Fight of the viruses - Steps to Sucess", before you continue here.

2. Download

For the following steps you must download 3 programs. Please download these programs and install them before you continue. All 3 Programs are free!

Advanced SystemCare - Performance Software

Crap Cleaner - Privacy & File Cleaner

Smart Defrag - Defragmentation

3. Advanced SystemCare - Care for your System!

Advanced SystemCare is a very powerful and useful Performance programme. When you downloaded now Advanced SystemCare, open the programme. First, we want to edit the startup processes and we want also to watch some tools. Click below the big "Care!" Button "Utilities". Now you see some tools at the right side. Open "Admin Tools" => "Startup Manager" with a double click (you may need to scroll above to see Startup Manager). Now select the Startup entry, that you don't want that your computer will automatically start it with Windows and click the top left "Delete Entry" to delete the entry. If you want to disable an entry because you do not know whether this entry is important (it is perhaps a security programme), highlight the item and click the top left "Disable Item". The fewer items in your startup, the faster your computer starts. Now go back to "Tuneup"  and search "Smart RAM" and open this programe with a double click. Smart RAM is a tool for optimizing your memory and reduce the CPU utilization. Short formulated it reduces system crash's. When the program opens, click on the bottom right, "Settings" and enable "SmartRAM" all options. Then click OK. Then click the button right below "Minimize". The program will be included in the system tray / minimizes (next to the clock). If you want to open it now click on the icon Smart RAM. Smart RAM will now automatically each time Windows start's, run and optimize your system. Look at the other useful tools in Advanced SystemCare too and Cleanup and optimize your system by using them. Highly recommended is "Disk Cleaner", a program which cleans your hard disk from unneeded files. If you done with all the tools in Advanced SystemCare, click the large "Care!" Button. Advanced SystemCare will now search your system for errors and solve them automatically. Set above right "Options", the settings for Advanced SystemCare for your own. You can also make your Internet connection with "Internet Booster" faster.

4. Crap Cleaner & Cleanup Wizard - More Free Space!

If you downloaded and installed Crap Cleaner now, run this program. Crap Cleaner is a cleanup program, it deletes unnecessary files from your system. You can be reassured that no important file will be deleted! When you start Crap Cleaner click on the bottom right, "Analyze" and then "Start CCleaner". Crap Cleaner will analyze your system and delete unnecessary files, but before you clean your system with CCleaner, close your browser, so CCleaner can clean everything! Now click the left "Registry" and then the bottom right of "Search for Errors" and if the search finished "Fix Errors!" => "Fix everything" or "Fix". If you want, you can make a backup. When you're finished, click the left bottom "Settings" and change the attitudes of Crap Cleaner according to your wishes. Highly recommended is "Automatic cleaning at the boot process", so Crap Cleaner starts automatically with Windows, cleans and then closes itself. Now we want even more storage space (of course again without deleting important files). Open "Computer" and click the right mouse button your hard drive. Select "Properties" and click on "clean". The Windows Cleanup Wizard will be opened. We now want to delete System Restore points. These take more and more storage space. System Restore points are there because when your computer make a failure, you can restore it to the time where it still worked correctly. We want to delete all than the last system restore point. Click above the "Advanced tab" and click the bottom under the System Restore button and press "OK". Now all system restore points than the last one were deleted! Immediately you have several outdoor GByte memory, if you didnt this operation for a long time. Then click "OK" and the cleanup wizard will also delete temporary files and will compress some files to save space. These files will not be deleted and you can use them, they will be only reduced.

5. Smart Defrag - Hard Drive Defragmentation

Over time, accumulate more and more fragments in your system and make it slower. You will probably think, "What are fragments and what is the defragmentation". The answer is quite simple, in the defragmentation will file ingredients put together and allow your system to use these files faster. You do not need to be afraid, no file will be deleted! These files which make your system slow are so called fragments which will be defragmented, so they will put together and for this operation we need Smart Defrag. If you have installed Smart Defrag open the defragmentation program. Click below left "Options" and then activate all the options, only "Skip files larger than ..." not and then click "Apply" and "OK". Now click the left "Auto Defrag" and then again activate all the options and set next to "Enable Auto Defrag", the option "Auto defrag all volumes" and click "Apply" and "OK". Now click the top left "Defrag Now" and select your hard drive, select (in the middle) "Deep Optimize" and then click "Start". Smart Defrag will defragment and optimize your hard drive. You can while this operation finishes close Smart Defrag, it will also continue in the background and it will not abuse you while you'r working. If you want to open Smart Defrag click the Smart Defrag icon on the bottom right in the system tray. Smart Defrag will start automatically with Windows and immediately start with disk defragment and optimization if your computer is idle. However, you should start at least 1x in the week, manually with Smart Defrag the defragmentation and optimization operation.

Now your computer will be over time faster and faster. After a few weeks you will have a top performance and we recommend you to clean at least 1x per week with Advanced System Care, Smart Defrag, and Crap Cleaner and at least 1x per week to update, if updates are available.

If you have problems or questions, you should contact us.

Contact us about your problem and we will help you!

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