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Internet - Security while surfing

Security while surfing

You don't know how to surf right and safe? Stop infections before they happen, because the biggest failure is the user, who surfs too careless! We have here some steps which you should follow everytime while surfing!

Take a few hours and work this tutorial out, because also your system needs care and security!

1. Be suspicious and stay anonymous!

Be suspicious, you can not trust everyone and everything. Everywhere can be fraudsters, hackers and viruses stuck! It is quite rightly in the Internet to trust anybody, you do not really know right. You always have to, anywhere could be hackers. Many hackers copy trusted bank pages, for example, and people who think they are logging in a serious site in, in reality give a hacker voluntarily their bank data! It is very important, that there is also no information in the internet about you! Stay as far as possible anonymous! Delete also private data after surfing, which are automatically created. Close your Browser and clean with Crap Cleaner (thus keeps the Internet quickly and your private data can be collected by nobody) and some browsers like Firefox, have this option integrated in the browser. (Click on top in Firefox "Extras" => "Delete recent History")

2. Install updates!

Always use the latest version of your virus scanner, spyware scanner and Firewall. Keep your browser and your system also uptodate! Do not forget always to install updates for your security!

3. Create Images/Backups!

Create a backup every month to secure your data and to be able to restore them if a serious error occur! You need not to download any software, because it is already a backup program in Microsoft Windows integrated. In order to open it click open "Run" => type "ntbackup.exe" and click OK. Now the "Microsoft Backup or Restore Wizard " opens. To create or restore a backup, simply follow the instructions of the Asisstent.

4. Use the right programs!

In Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer is already preinstalled. However, surfing with the Internet Explorer is very dangerous (because of Active-X controls and vulnerabilities). Get off to a safer browser, like Mozilla Firefox, which we strongly recommend and we advise you to NOT uninstall the Internet Explorer, because it is very strongly anchored in Windows and this behavior will only bring you serious problems! Use another browser and use Internet Explorer only when you need the Active-X controls. In addition, if you also use for your e-mails a program, we recommend you instead Outook Express (but also don't delete Outlook Express, because it's too very anchored in Windows and this would cause serious problems), Mozilla Thunderbird. This very comfortable program manages your e-mail accounts with the highest safety and comfortability.

4a. Block dangerous websites!

We support the Mozilla Foundation at the standing growing Filter of Firefox. Block dangerous websites, so if you maybe try to open them you can't and so you can't be infected. Install the [SYP] Host File Installer, but be still careful and suspicious, because though we are often updating our [SYP] Host File Installer, we cant prevent you of every dangerous website!

Download [SYP] Host File Installer

Server 1 (www.saveyourpc.kilu.de) RECOMMENDED SERVER!

Server 2 (www.saveyourpc.bplaced.net)

Please tell our support, if a download is broken! Try the other server, because sometimes one of the servers can be offline!

4b. Scan files before downloading them!

If you have already decided to use the smart Mozilla Firefox and / or Mozilla Thunderbird, you can use a very useful feature of the mighty fox, that many other browsers does not have - Addons! Addons facilitate your work and personalize your Firefox. Make sure always insisted that you downloaded Addons only by the Mozilla Web site, other sites could offer contaminated Addons! Very useful is the extension "Dr. Web anti-virus link checker". This extension allows you mistrusted links (that is, sites as well as downloads) by the context menu of Dr.Web anti-virus to scan, before using the site or download open or save, so that you know whether the file may be infected. Do but only a scan if you suspected sites and files and not every Link! This expansion is for Firefox, Opera and other browsers as well as for Mozilla Thunderbird! Dr.Web anti-virus checker link is very simple and straightforward. You click the link, you suspect, with the right mouse button and select "Scan with Dr.Web", a window opens, Dr.Web scans the page or file and then shows you the results, then click "Close Window" and the Dr.Web result window will be closed!

Dr.Web anti-virus link checker

Mozilla Firefox 3.5:

If in top of your Firefox browser a message appear, accept with "Allow" and then click "Install Now"

Mozilla Thunderbird

To add this addon to Thunderbird, save the file first to your hard drive, then open Thunderbird and click at the top menu at "Tools" => "add-ons" => "extensions". Click left the button "Install ..." and select the addon, which is on your hard disk. Then press "Open" and then when a message appear click "Install Now". The installation will perform automatically, then you should restart Thunderbird and you can use this addon.

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