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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

I have a virus. How can I delete it?

In the case of Infection, visit please our site "Fight of the Viruses -  Steps to Sucess".

My Computer is slow. What can I do?

In the case of a bad Computer Performance, visit please our site "Computer Tuning - Top Performance"

Can I copy a part or serveral parts of your page?

Yes, but please ask us before, if and what you can copy.

Is your Service free?

Yes, we guarantee You, every content in our Website is free.

I have experience with Viruses. Can I join the [SYP] Team?

Yes, we have for every voluntarily Helper a place. Contact us (Online Help & Support) and convince us of your skills and knowledge.

I have little or no experience with viruses. Can you teach me something about this subject?

Yes, contact us and tell us directly your question (Online Help & Support) , or read the content of this Website.

Are the Softwares in this Website free?

Yes, we guarantee You, that every Software in our Website is free, but these Softwares are from third parties and we can´t held responsible for these Softwares.

Can I use these protection software in my community, club, school, etc.?

No! These protection softwares are ONLY for private use free and available.

Newest Viruses

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Top Downloads

Top Downloads:

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  • delete the temp directory AND MORE!


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